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About Us

The Chicago Model    Masters are a diverse group, representative of citizens throughout Cook County, near Chicago, Illinois. Our base is at Kickapoo Woods in the Calumet Division of the Cook County Forest Preserve District. We focus on safety, and mastering skilled model aviation maneuvers.  Although, renowned for building and flying state of the art model aircraft, our priorities are laser focused on mentoring and instructional initiatives.  

Through outreach efforts, we established partnerships that involves reciprocal visits with educational institutions, churches, park districts, community organizations, etc. The Chicago Model Masters routinely interact with youth and individuals from a variety of backgrounds.  This affords us a unique opportunity, to exploit their natural curiosity for the miracle of flight, and link that interest to local educational objectives. In concert with school curriculums, thematic instructional presentations have proved to be effective in associating the various nuances of model aviation with, math, science, physics, vocabulary, history, geometry, discipline, obedience, responsibility….the laws of cause and effect…etc.

OUR MISSION IS SIMPLE….. In addition to the love of Model Aviation, we fly for the hearts and futures of younger people.  Many of whom have yet to realize that they can also fly, in countless ways.  Many youths with a touched heart and an embellished confidence associated with model aviation, have become much more than a mere R.C Pilot.  In countless numbers, the proverbial sky is the limit obstacle (pun intended) morphs with maturing imaginations and dawning potentials. Our future leaders including Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Presidents, etc., are in the makings.

Kickapoo is an immaculately maintained, club designed model aviation field.  The site includes an asphalt 50’ X 400’ fixed wing runway, an instructional rotary wing pod, public and pilot parking, and a pedestrian/cycling trail. The surrounding naturally preserved areas, interact in concert with the aforementioned intimately, resulting in an oasis of inordinate beauty and serenity.

We hope that some of you will find the time to come out and join us.